*NEW*Antenatal Baby Massage and Relaxation Session

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Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing in the parkAntenatal Relaxation, Belly and Baby Massage Session

 Relaxation and Belly Massage

This unique group session, will give you confidence to massage your bump during the antenatal period and connect and bond with your unborn baby.  Together with some relaxation and belly massage you will feel connected with your baby and totally relaxed.

Antenatal Baby Massage

Using baby massage dolls you will be taught baby massage together with a booklet outlining the massage techniques, so that when your baby is born you will be able to massage them.

Often baby massage courses start when your baby is around 6 weeks old, as they often are less upset about being undressed at this time.  With antenatal baby massage you will be able to massage them at a time that it more convenient for you and your baby.  An update session is also available if you need a reminder of some of the techniques, after your baby is born.

Baby Massage helps develop bonding and attachment which are of crucial importance to human beings and form the beginning of this special relationship.  You can bond with your baby through loving touch, special one-to-one time, eye contact and affection.  You will be given practical tips on understanding your baby’s communication cues, as well as enabling you to better understand and communicate with your baby. Massage also stimulates many of your baby’s major internal systems and may aid their neurological and physical development.  Regular massage can also stimulate muscle development and tone and improve babies mind and body awareness.  Baby massage can help with many common baby ailments that can cause great anxiety for both parents and babies e.g. colic, constipation, tummy upsets, growing pains, muscular tension, teething discomfort, excess mucus and nasal congestion, physical and psychological tension.  It also helps with relaxation and has been shown to reduce stress for both mother and baby.

The session is for 1 ½ hours and costs just £35 you will also receive a complementary aromatherapy bath bomb filled with a blend of relaxing organic essential oils, a 50ml bottle of Coconut oil to massage your baby. Maximum group size is 4, to ensure that you receive

Update session for 45 minutes £20

Optional 50ml bottle of Organic Labour Massage Blend of Lavender, Frankincense and Jasmine for £10, which you can use in a diffuser, in the bath and of course massage, from your due date.

Venue my home at 74 Shaftesbury Avenue, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5LY

Dates every Friday morning 10am until 11.30am

Please call Wendy on 07940 885436 to book