Robozo scarf massage

Robozo picture of colours

Robozo (Mexican for scarf) can be used during pregnancy and labour to help women loosen up fascia and therefore muscle around the pelvis.  The relaxed muscle fibre enable women to open up their pelvis which may provide a smoother and  shorter  birth experience.

The beauty of this technique is that you can use any long scarf, so no extra cost to pay for a robozo, and you and your partner are shown four ways of how the robozo works and you enjoy this relaxing sensation.  Performed each day if possible, you will both notice how much flexible and looser the areas becomes.  Its empowering for the partner who can help in a very positive way of supporting you both in pregnancy and during labour, as the same techniques can be used during your birth too.

So to arrange an appointment please call Wendy on  07940 885436

Venue: my home in Montpelier price £15 for 1/2 hour

Your home within a 5 mile radius of Montpelier £30 for 1/2 hour